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Eurogamer will use information collected about you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

  1. Eurogamer may ask you for certain information and you may submit personal data to Eurogamer.net (such as your name, email address and contact details) when you subscribe or sign up to Eurogamer.net.
  2. Eurogamer may also record which parts of Eurogamer.net and services you are interested in as well as user traffic patterns and site use. This information will be kept securely in accordance with an internal security policy and may be used to:
    1. process your User Content and your subscription to Eurogamer.net and to enable your use of Eurogamer.net and associated services;
    2. open and run your account and provide you with an up to date, efficient and reliable service;
    3. administer prize draws;
    4. generally run Eurogamer.net;
    5. send you newsletters and alerts when you sign up for or subscribe to them.
  3. By subscribing and submitting your data you agree to this use.
  4. From time to time Eurogamer also monitor and record telephone calls for training purposes and to improve the service to you.
  5. Eurogamer will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent.
  6. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, Eurogamer is registered with the Information Commissioner [notification number Z6679757].
  7. If you believe Eurogamer has information about you that you do not want Eurogamer to have or that is incorrect, please contact Eurogamer as described below and Eurogamer shall correct or remove the data as you request as soon as is reasonably practicable.
  8. If you have any other concerns over privacy, this privacy policy or this Web Site please contact Eurogamer as described below.

Marketing Communications

  1. Eurogamer gives you a choice whether or not you want Eurogamer or other reputable companies to contact you about future offers, events and new services or related activities that you may find useful. Eurogamer won't sell or trade personal information to other companies but Eurogamer would like to keep you informed of the developments on Eurogamer.net and certain Content and Eurogamer would like to share data with other reputable companies who may have interesting offers and information for you (inside or outside the EU).
  2. Eurogamer will not send you any marketing emails or pass your information on to third parties unless you give your consent or you have given it already.


  1. Eurogamer uses 'cookies' on Eurogamer.net. Cookies are a way that information such as whether you have visited Eurogamer.net before is recorded on your computer and used by Eurogamer to improve Eurogamer.net and the services available to you. If you do not wish for Eurogamer to use cookies when you use Eurogamer.net please adjust your Internet browser settings to not accept cookies. Your computer's help file should tell you how to do this but please note that this may affect your ability to use Eurogamer.net and the Content.
  2. If you don't disable "cookies" Eurogamer.net will ask for and store details including name and email address and may automatically insert certain information on the Content submission forms so that you can use Eurogamer.net with less form filling.

All email and other communications sent by Eurogamer and attachments thereto are intended only for the addressee and/or others authorised to receive them.

Forum & comments

The Eurogamer Comment System and Forum are very popular features of the site and although the team strongly believes in allowing the community that has formed around the site to grow and develop in its own way, there are a few simple rules, regulations and procedures you should be aware of when posting. Most posters will probably never run foul of these anyway, but we're quite serious about them nonetheless.

Eurogamer is not responsible for comments posted on the site by our readers. We will however attempt to remove or edit posts which are deemed to contain racist or homophobic remarks, personal abuse, libel, copyrighted material, excessive swearing, references to illegal activities and requests for CD keys or pirated software.

Obviously conversations can get heated on the forum (games are a serious business, after all), but we'd ask users to hold back from personal insults. Respond to the post, don't attack the poster.

Eurogamer staff members regularly monitor the discussion threads to ensure they stay lively, interesting, vaguely relevant and fun. However, the sheer volume of traffic on our forums and comment threads means that we don't always manage to read every post on the site. If you discover a post which you believe contravenes the site guidelines please notify a moderator with details of the page you found it on.

Users who repeatedly post inflammatory ("troll") topics or contravene the site posting guidelines will find their posts removed and eventually their user account removed. Eurogamer reserves the right to remove posting privileges from any account at any time. In general the staff will endeavour to issue warnings before a user account is removed or suspended, however, in the instance of severe transgressions, this action may be taken without any prior warning.

Contacting the Web Site

If you have any questions about this comments system policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact: