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    As for the politics. I'll give a bit of insight.

    First I (Austria) tried to create an alliance with Russia (and lesser degrees France). Russia was being vague at best which lead me to suspect that he already had an alliance with turkey (which would be logical). So that didn't work out.

    I then went on to immediately make and alliance with France, Italy and Germany. We divided the map. France would take the UK and south west. Germany the north east (and would help me attack Russia). Italy and me would take on the south east.

    I then got turkey in the mix to attack Russia as well. 3 forces attacking Russia at once was too much. Russia was dead.

    The UK was never in the game and fell quickly.

    Then me and Italy systematically drove back turkey.

    I soon saw that we would win this and that Germany would become very strong. Not taking a chance, I decided to strike at Germany before he was ready. Considering my work with Italy on turkey, we were the ones truly working together.

    As a diversion/troop movement/build capacity, Italy took several of my territories. I then used this to convince France that Germany and Italy were working together. At the same time, Italy was working on Germany. This resulted in a split enemy that we were able to break.
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